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Ellen · McFelon · - · OUTLAW · ANARCHIST


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It was dark in the bay
so it was a good thing i wasn't planning on swimming.

(( "Have a nice day!" Ooh, how dare they TELL ME WHAT TO DO...))

I couldn't get the awful chimy chink of that voice's admonishment out of my head.

I was just gonna have to get some satisfaction

Some ANARCHIST satisfaction-

I went off walking (well, I would have flew, but I haven't finished the lessons)...and I was
just LOOKIN' for no good.

Suddenly, there it was - oh yeah, THAT's "no good" if ever I saw it.

It's time for Ellen Mcfelon to jump into action
and do the opposite of what's expected of me, no DEMANDED...

Now where --oh yeah, Superman always changed in a phone booth. Well I don't THINK I can fit
my ass into a cellphone case. -so I guess I'll just do it right here-

"hey you! DON'T jump! There's always something to live for- oh well i guess sometimes maybe there isn't!

Now what was I doing, Oh yeah off with these street clothes, lest the bullies think I'm some kind of ordinary citizen they can boss around!...

* * *